Friday, May 22, 2015

Edward J. Eberwine III


Unexpected, Location Manager 2014
All in Time,  UPM 2014
Slow Learners, Line Producer 2014
Philadelphia: The Great Experiment, Location Manager 2013
Transformers 4, Key Assistant Location Manager 2013
McCanick, Line Producer / UPM 2012
Paranoia, Location Scout 2012
Jabbed, Local Producer 2012
Nightlights, Producer / UPM 2011
Transformers 3, Asst Location Manager 2010
The Dark Fields, Asst Location Manager 2010

Una Carrerita, Doctor!, 1st Assistant Director 2010
Night Catches Us, Location Manager 2009
The Best and the Brightest, Location Scout 2009
Cost of a Soul, Producer / UPM 2009
New York, Location Manager 2008
Dare, Location Manager 2008
The Fulfillment, Asst Location Manager 2007
Explicit Ills, Location Manager 2007
The Toll Taker, Gaffer 2007
Inner Wang,Gaffer 2007
The Greek American, 1st Assistant Director 2007
Banana Leaves, 1st Assistant Director 2006
Dogjack, Key Grip / 2nd Camera 2005

Story of the Eye, Co-Producer / Camera 2003


Survivors Remorse, Location Manager 2015
Team Toon, Unit Prod Manager 2012      
Mob Doctor, Asst Location Manager 2012
Perception, Location Manager 2011
The Playboy Club, Asst Location Manager 2011
Take the Money and Run, Location Manager 2011
Glee Project, Camera Operator 2010


AMS Pay & Spray, Location Manager 2012
Chevy Camaro Catalog, Location Manager 2011
Prudential Sunrise, Asst Location Manager 2011      
Maxwell House, Location Scout 2011
AT&T, Asst Location Manager 2010
Doubletree, Asst Location Manager 2010
Adidas, Asst Location Manager 2010
Hans-grohe, Producer/ Dir / Camera 2008
Tellabs, 2nd Camera Operator 2007

Squeeze Magazine, Photographer 2001, Nov. 4th June 2001 Issue, Article: “VleesMarkt” PG 88                

Professional Credits

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E3 Films

Slow Learners

Starring Adam Pally, Sarah Burns, Reid Scott and Catherine Reitman

Written by Heather Maidat
Directed by Don Argott & Sheena Joyce
Produced by Tammy Stedman, Brian O'Connor, Jamie Lokoff and Tommy Joyner
Line Producer, Edward J. Eberwine III

COMING Summer 2015
Slow Learners Trailer
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Starring David Morse, Corey Monteith, Mike Vogel and Ciaran Hinds

Written by Daniel Noah
Directed by Josh Waller
Produced by Bleiberg Entertainment
Line Produced by Edward J. Eberwine III

COMING March 2013
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Team Toon

Starring Trevor Teichman, Jon-Christian Constable, Jerome Stephens and Meg Donnely
Created by Larry's Band
Produced by The Crook Brothers
Directed by William Wedig
Unit Production Manager: Edward J. Eberwine III

Cartoon Network UK / Spring 2013


Starring Steven Louis Grush, Shauna Waldron and Leslie Easterbrook
Written by Nick Izzo and Adam Dick

Directed by Dave Midell
Produced by Adam Dick, Keaton Wooden and Edward J. Eberwine III

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Una Carrierita Doctor!

Starring Miguel Iza
Written and Directed by Julio Ramos
1st Asst Director / Production Coordinator:  Edward J. Eberwine III

Best Film:  BAFTA LA Student Film Awards 2012
1st Place Drama:  33rd College TV Awards
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Cost of a Soul

Starring Chris Kerson, Judy Jerome and Mark Borkowski
Written and Directed by Sean Kirkpatrick

Produced by Sean Kirkpatrick, Edward J. Eberwine III and Jonathan Risinger

WINNER: Audience Award Best Feature, Phila Cinefest 2011
WINNER: AMCi, Relativity Media's Big Break Movie Contest

Available on Netflix
DVD coming soon
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EJE3 Location Management / Scouting

Released July 24, 2015
Official Selection Sundance 2015

Written by Megan Mercier, Kris Swanberg
Starring Cobie Smulders, Elizabeth McGovern, Anders Holm
Location Manager:   Edward J. Eberwine III
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Transformers 4:  Age of Extinction
Summer 2014

Key Assistant Location Manager

Released 2013
Location Scout

Mob Doctor, TV Series
Mondays 9E/8C on FOX

Asst Location Manager, Pilot Episode

Perception, TV Series
Season 2, Summer 2013 on TNT

Location Manager
Additional Stills Photography

The Playboy Club, TV Series
Series premiere September 19, 2011 (Canceled)

Location Scout, Ep 1.4 and 1.5

Official Website:

2012 Chevy Camaro Catalog

Location Manager

Official Website:

Prudential Sunrise Commercial

Location Photo by EJE3 @ 0:26 seconds (see below)

Prudential "Sunrise" Commercial from frank otero on Vimeo.

Producer: Droga5 films
Director: Ringan Ledwidge
Client: Prudential Insurance
Chicago Location Manager: Edward J Eberwine III

Official Website:

Transformers 3, Dark of The MoonReleased 2011

Director: Michael Bay
Sup Location Manager: Ilt Jones
Asst Location Manager: Edward J. Eberwine III

Official Website

Released 2011

Director: Neil Burger
Location Manager: Staci Hagenbaugh
Asst Location Manager: Edward J. Eberwine III

Official Website

Night Catches UsReleased: 2010

Produced by SimonSays Entertainment, Inc.
Written & Directed by Tanya Hamilton
Location Manager: Edward J. Eberwine III

Official Website


New YorkReleased: 2009

Produced by Yash Raj Films
Directed by Kabir Khan
Location Manager: Edward J. Eberwine III

Official Website:

IMDB Page:

Released: 2009

Produced by Gigantic Productions
Written by David Brind
Directed by Adam Salky
Location Manager: Edward J. Eberwine III

Official Website:

IMDB page:

Explicit IllsReleased: 2009

Produced by Mangusta Productions
Written & Directed by Mark Webber
Location Manager: Edward J. Eberwine III

Official Website:

IMDB Page:

EJE3 Cinematography Demo Reel 08

Digital HD video reel
HVX-200 / JVC GY-100U

Cell: 312-213-8278

Still Frames from "THE TOLLTAKER"

DP: Mike Brand
Gaffer: EJE3

Location Scout Photography

Ocean City, NJ

Cape May, NJ

Chestnut Hill (Philadelphia), PA

SEPTA Subway, Philadelphia, PA

SEPTA Subway, Philadelphia, PA

Fitlers Square, Philadelphia, PA

Oil City Philadelphia

View of Ben Franklin Bridge, Philadelphia, PA

Abandoned Building, NW Philadelphia, PA